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Freelance designer, stylist and creative director. Co-founder and creative director of Eatable.

Creative director

2017 - 2019

Gourmet Traveller magazine

Creative director

2014 - 2017

marie claire magazine

Associate art director

2012 - 2014

madison magazine

Art director

2009 - 2012

CLEO magazine

Art director

2006 - 2009

Girlfriend magazine and TV Hits magazine


Having worked for various brands in the ever-evolving publishing industry for many years, I have a great deal of experience meeting deadlines in a timely and stress-free manner. Over time I have worked on a huge variety of projects spanning print, digital and social. Magazines, books, websites, apps, packaging, logos, brand lock-ups, stickers, apparel... The list is long!

I have years of experience in working alongside and briefing designers across editorial, marketing and advertising departments. Having worked closely with copy-writers and managed many art teams, I have had to brief, critique and give feedback to ensure that work can be revised successfully for brand consistency and clean, hierarchical design. I have had to ensure that everyone’s work is perfect at the final stages of production to guarantee flawless end results.

Liaising and briefing photographers, illustrators, stylists and videographers has always been a huge part of what I do, as I have always had to ensure a clear understanding of shoot briefs and a consistent, successful execution of projects.


Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, University of Technology, Sydney.


Creative direction and graphic design. Typography. Adobe CC. Meeting deadlines. Communicating. Briefing photographers, illustrators, videographers and stylists. Directing and styling shoots. Providing feedback. Writing copy. Checking finals. Picture searching. Picture editing. Mood boarding. Managing and working with teams.

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